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Mobile World Congress

Feb 27 - Mar 1 2012
Barcelona, Spain

Arvani Report MWC 2012

We attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Over 67,000 delegates from 205 countries gathers to dicuss global mobile topics.

How should operators deal with 10.8 Exabytes of data a month by 2016? They are advised to think small, as in small cells. And allowing WiFi to take some load off. We discuss the latest developments and key challenges.

From Over The Top to Machine to Machine, operators are looking at new ways to monetize new mobility.

We highlight the latest devices and tell you what Facebook is up to in mobile.

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CTIA Wireless

Mar 2011
Orlando, Florida

AGI CTIA Mar 2011 - Photo 1.jpg

We attended the CTIA Wireless show in Orlando, Florida, Mar 21-24. The show hosted 40,000 attendees from 125 countries. AT&T/T-Mobile merger announcement just prior to the show created a new March madness, filling the airwaves with opinions about regulatory hurdles and the eventual winners and losers.

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Mobile World Congress

Feb 2011
Barcelona, Spain

CIMG0348.JPGWe attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Feb 14-17. There was an upbeat mood to the conference since last year. Tablets, NFC chips, carriers uniting against being dumb pipes were the key themes of the conference.

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Mobile Health Conversations Conversations Logo for Web.jpg

October 2010

We led the mHealth Device Review discussion at CITA show. We took the opportunity to have a backstage talk with four mHealth executives on key mHealth issues:Mobile health devcies going celluar, what is working, mobile health tackling silver tsunami, and machines talking to machines caring for our health.

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CES International 2012cesweb_headerlogo.png

Jan 10, 2012

Azita Arvani will be leading the discussion on Planet of the Apps at Consumer Electronics Show 2012. Along with the rampant proliferation of apps has come an exciting new world of opportunity — and challenges. Learn how to...


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Got Lots of Money to Monitor? Sorry, There's No App For That

Dec 4, 2011

Forbes reporter interviewed Azita for this article about rumored Amazon mobile phone.

Lightening the Paper LoadNYT logo.jpg

May 9, 2011
New York Times

Azita is interviewed for New York Times technology article on how conferences and trade shows can take advantage of mobile applications, especially on tablets.

AT&T, T-Mobile: There's No Crying in Mergers

Dec 21, 2011
E-Commerce Times

Now that AT&T and T-Mobile merger is off the table, what happens next? What are the two operators' options? We were asked to weigh in.


Mobile Insight Out

WebOS Disembodied But not DeadOS

Dec 9, 2011

HP announced today that it will contribute the WebOS software to the open source community. HP says WebOS provides developers an easy way to develop applications based on standard web technologies. And, for device vendors, WebOS provides “a platform to run across multiple devices” What are the implications? Read More »

Why Verizon Wireless Acquisition of Cable Companies’ Spectrum is Huge Deal!

Dec 5, 2011

On Friday Dec 2, Verizon Wireless announced that it will acquire 122 AWS spectrum licenses covering 259 million Americans for $3.6B, from a joint venture of three US cable companies. This will give Verizon Wireless a sizable spectrum advantage over AT&T (111 MHz for VZW versus 100 MHz for AT&T). More importantly, the acquisition will shake up the US wireless industry at its core.

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